Colour, lighting, mood, textures, furnishing proportions, art work, accessories…yes, visually appealing environmental aesthetics certainly play an active role in my mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Passionate about interior decorating, I can readily lose myself in magazines and coffee table books of this genre, often pressing the very same books, with colour coded spines of course, into action when ‘styling’ my coffee table. Problem is I’m never satisfied with the outcome and it seems I’m not alone.

A girlfriend and I recently spent over 3 hours creating the perfect vignette on her table and as we finally stood back to admire our handiwork, laughed at how little we had trusted our independent ability yet collectively managed to ‘ace’ it.

Needing a tad of accessory inspiration and a massive confidence boost we took to Pinterest (of course) which led us to Scogsberg & Smart  Such a feast, just had to share – oh and check out their blog for an absolute visual overload!  

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