Put our lives in the hands of a crazy Italian tour guide with instructions to show us and our fellow companions the Cinque Terre region. For Fifi an extension of our previous visit, for Pixi a tad of familiarisation with her soon to be new home.

20130606-185842.jpgA minor setback…rain! Bucketing! When yesterday there was none, today necessitating brollies, raincoats, and hoodies and we have ’em all…just back in Florence. Fifi is NOT amused!

Two Nana rain coat purchases later, the vision of poor sad backpack bedraggled Fifi and Pixi quickly transgressed into fits of giggles and the need to emulate Quasi Modo…da bells! da bells!

20130606-185856.jpgWhile Fifi refuses to fight stairs in the pouringrain, Pix forges ahead to capture grey mist driven views of the usually vibrant hillside villages. Tiny softly muted houses clinging to cliff sides, boats bobbing in the turbulent harbour, fishermen waiting patiently for a break in the clouds, brightly coloured boats upturned and scattered across the rocks and slipway…the vision is beautifully raw, rugged and wild. Just imagine what it will look like on the sunny days?

The day is saved by a lovely little crab linguini and a crisp white to wash it down in a little seaside restaurant, followed by Plan B…a visit to the pretty walled city of Lucca ,which also happens to be the home of Pinnochio’s creator Carlo Lorenzini, better known by the pen name Carlom Collodi. Or his Mum’s home at least for apparently the jury’s still out on exactly which village can claim ownership. Bet ya didn’t know that!







20130606-185809.jpgJenny and Jane looking like a total mong, bless the instant raincoat!

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