Squeezed a quick peek into the quaint medieval village of Èze today and immediately fell in love with the village motto – Isis Moriendo Renascor ‘In death I am Reborn’ (its emblem is a phoenix perched on a bone); and here’s why…

The village circles the ruins of a12th-century fortified castle (torn down in 1706) which is perched atop a narrow rocky outcrop 429m above sea level. Tiny red brick centered lane ways wind their way upward to the Jardins Exotique surrounding the castle and which afford the most spectacular views east to Cap D’Ail, straight ahead to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and west all the way to 20130919-215012.jpgAntibes and beyond on a good day. The restored walls and buildings crowding the lanes now house interesting hotels, cave dwelling art galleries and tourist driven gift shops and enticing little tree shaded squares dotted here and there make perfect ice cream retreats along the way. Reborn indeed.


20130919-215022.jpgÈze commune extends from Èze-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean up to Èze-Village and Saint-Laurent-d’Eze connects the two, along with a rather irregular bus service for those less willing to slog up a steep irregular pathway.

The wise take the bus up and dawdle the walk back down. The views along the way would thrill even the most jaded traveller’s taste buds.


Bono (U2) thinks so too for he has a home in Èze-sur-Mer. A big pink and white concoction not at all in keeping with his image yet totally in keeping with the ‘hood’.

Such a pretty, atmospheric element of the region, a last minute ‘so glad I did’ visit.

A few photos – can you spot a golden goat?20130919-215034.jpg20130919-215028.jpg20130919-215041.jpg20130919-215046.jpg



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