Sparking F**king Joy here…

Hey there lovely readers, recently a girlfriend hung out at my place while a swarm of folk descended on hers to embark on a total spring clean. Now inspired by her fresh canvas she’s planning on having a monumental de-clutter. Good for her I said for there’s nothing better than an ‘out with the old and in with the new’ to start a new year.  Then I remembered my own attempts…aaargh! Of course I had taken to the blog to share my angst. Here’s a repost:

 Twelve months ago I embarked on an attempt to declutter my home and my heart. The urge always strikes when I’m desperate for change, for a new beginning. Conversations of late indicate a whole raft of you are also in need of a mental and physical purge. Well read on, giggle and possibly be inspired as I re-share the robust argument my head and heart had while acting on that aspiration…

‘My book will help you transform your home into a permanently clear and clutter-free space’ claimed Marie Kondo. Your book will transform my brain into a permanently traumatised cluster-f**k’ I retort.

I’ve been standing in my wardrobe holding items of clothing one by one, asking my heart IMG_9825‘Does this spark joy in your life?‘ while my head’s responding ‘You paid good money for that girlfriend so it damn well better!’ I’m already exhausted, and I haven’t even started perfecting the art of folding the remnants into sweet little ‘stand-ups’ for easy viewing yet. I need fortification. Pouring a glass of red while cranking up my fave Spotify playlist, I gave myself a stern pep talk – you’ve got this girl! 

Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ has so far seen crates of excess clothing, kitchenware, and office detritus make it’s way to charities, recycle depots and the brilliant folk at ‘Dressed for Success’. Pretty pleased with myself for according to Kondo, ‘The KonMare way of curating your space to represent what’s important to you will clear your mind and make you much happier’. Wait? Curated space, yes. Clear mind? Nope! Still traumatised.

I turn to Sarah Knight’s ‘Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k’ a beautiful parody of Marie Kondo’s work. Self-help with an edge. Seems that wasting my time worrying about giving away that item I paid good money forIMG_9826 is taking up a whole damn raft of mental energy I could be using elsewhere. Taking her advice, I put said energy to good use by curating the content in the ‘F**k Barn’ that constitutes my brain.

Yep! I’ve now scripted polite ways of letting you know I no longer give a F**k – about your fund-raising requests or your incredible kale chip recipe or your horrible boss. Nope. I may just give one about your theory on John Snow’s resurrection, but definitely no F**ks given on your passion for Kardashians or the volume of Instagram followers you might have. Nein. Non.  Nada. Not a single one.

Sooo…am I concerned about that Gollum-like voice in my head whispering ‘nobody will like you‘? Nope. No F**ks given there either. As the subtitle states, this book’s a primer on “how to stop spending time you don’t have doing things you don’t want to do with people you don’t like”. Sorry-not-sorry Gollum. I’ve now prioritised the F**ks I do have to give – and I’m giving them to the people and things that matter most, direct from the sofa in my zen-like clutter free home.

In need of a declutter yourself? Both books a damn fine starter kit.

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    Just in time for the new year…

    Six budget friendly speedy nest updates…

    Hi there lovely readers. Can’t believe it’s been 12 months since I had my home reimagined (photos in my Interior Designer’s hands) yet I’m ready for a little refresh – new year, new beginning and all that. What about you? Given a total makeover can be costly (my bank balance is still quivering!), luckily there are quite a few wallet-friendly ways to spice up your space while scratching the redecorating itch. Here’s my top 6 for doing exactly that.

    Grab a can of paint

    Feeling ambitious? A fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to give your place a facelift. Paint an accent wall in an afternoon. A whole room across a weekend. Wanna go small for starters? I’ve just painted the frame surrounding a quote print and two very old trays a rustic gold. Both look hot off the show room floor! You can try spray painting a knick-knack gold to up the glam factor, or go hard and reimagine a whole room!


    Add a couple of new accents

    If you’re more of a shopper than a painter, there are plenty of places to score new, budget-friendly accent pieces. Think big-box stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn, Freedom, Domaine, Ikea,Target as well as local interior boutiques. Looking for something with history and character? Try First Dibs on line. Fancying a coffee table spruce? Check out: Feathering our nests

    Image: MyDomaine

     And fresh flowers or plants

    Notice pot plants have made a come back? Succulents and air plants make for great budgetoptions, very on trend and ever so easy to maintain compared to the good old Maiden Hair fern of yesteryear. Or go all out by hitting the flower markets first thing in the morn for fabulously, cheap fresh flowers. I love trawling the freezers for bulk flowers in just two complementary colours to spruce the place when guests are coming to dine or stay over. Don’t mind paying a little extra? Grab a bunch during the weekly grocery run. Oriental Lilies last up to two weeks, Monstera leaves last for months, making them both worthy buys.

    Shop your own home

    Sure that item might live in your bedroom but does it have to stay there? Bar carts can turn into side tables and desks can serve as nightstands. Single seat arm chairs can visit other rooms, so too side tables, lamps, storage trunks, cushions, throws. Why not move a piece of art that’s always been in your living area to somewhere more unexpected, like the kitchen or the bathroom? The choices are endless.

    Image: sfgirlbybay

    Restyle those shelves

    Similar to shopping your own space for big pieces to rearrange, try switching up your “shelfie” by changing which items are on display. Small decorative objects, pretty books, and candles can all be rearranged for a completely new look. Move that candle to your nightstand, try arranging your books by colour, swap out those plants, photo frames. Cluster complementary colours together for a streamlined ‘styled’ look.

    Image: Poppytalk

    Finish off with a rug or two

    Rugs can be a surprisingly affordable way to add a pop of colour to a room. Cow hides, Flokati, turkish, jute, hemp, sisal, the choices are endless.They’re also useful for defining areas in smaller spaces or across open floor plans like studio apartments. Have fun!!

    Image: My Ideal Home
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