Good restaurants and cafes deserve recognition…food, ambience, style, decor, service…all judged according to personal tastes; thus am leaving that to the critiques whose livelihoods depend upon witty, acerbic and considered opinions. Having said that, eating out is a great pleasure, attempting to duplicate a good dish discovery at home, even more so.

Delighting friends with a carefully considered home cooked menu, wine and music match, a beautifully set table, ambient lighting..well it gives me the warm fuzzies. Occasionally daunting, at times challenging…usually after one too many Daiquiris…but always fun. Good friends are cool with that as they too are usually immersed in the fun around the kitchen bench.

Chef BJ shares this passion, and together we will share explorational highlights in the hope that you’ll be inspired to rush to the Powerhouse markets, put your nose to a fresh bunch of basil, marvel at the richness and warmth of a vine ripened tomato, the leathery hue of a Pomegranate, a lush olive oil, side of rump…salivating yet?

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