My friend Jane D gently chided me when she discovered I had yet to populate my ‘Inspire’ Tab. Truth is, I had so many beautiful pieces I’d collected over the years from which to choose, selecting something sufficiently profound became the challenge. A sleepless night, 3am…inspiration!

As a child I spent a number of years in varying boarding schools as my Mum pioneered her way across the central west. My fellow boarders had names like Sally and Cindy and Julie and, embarassed by my plain Victorian name and with a fervent desire to fit in, I wanted to be a Julie too. Why had I been saddled with this boring name, a name that invited fellow school kids to taunt with ‘Plain Jane’ when in my mind I was anything but? Of course as I reached my 20’s I became quite happy with it’s uniqueness, after all, I was the only Jane in a sea of Julies.

But it was when my Mum gave me my birth father’s Bible that I learnt to fully appreciate how very special a ‘Jane’ can be for, nestled in the back was a delicate piece of weathered paper on which a poem had been inked. A poem written after my birth by one of my father’s friends:

‘ Plain Jane? If Jane is plain then so is moonlight

Whos muted silver fades to brazen dawn;

So Violets who hid their heads from moonlight;

So too, the fleet and velvet dappled faun.

If Jane is plain, how common then are thrushes?

How dull the whispered cadences of rain

compared to any noisy brook that rushes,

all shy and sweet and subtle things, how plain!’

George Starbuck Galbraith.

Thankyou George…and thankyou too Jane D

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    2 Comments on Plain Jane

    1. Jane D
      April 4, 2011 at 2:12 pm (7 years ago)

      Wow! Sure was worth waiting for – quite took my breath away. We will all miss you so much while you traverse the most romantic place in the world and love you anyway!

      • Jinnyliz
        April 8, 2011 at 12:45 pm (7 years ago)

        Why thankyou Miss Jane…from one Jane to another…we really are special x


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