Welcome to my new Blog Theme! A tad more sophisticated, easier to navigate, crisp, animated and now iPad and iPhone/Android compatible. Yea!!

Launched for the purpose of updating friends and family with highlights of our European journey 12 months ago, six since going public, your lovely comments, suggestions and support directly contributing to the Blog’s steadily increasing following…please keep ’em coming!

Upcoming focus?

Catch interesting facts and figures, hints and tips and a few cool suggestions for getting the most from your career

Watch the story of the fabulously theatrical and ever so adventurous matriarchs of my family unfold

Gain insights into the fascinating life of a Chef feeding the masses charged with harvesting our wide brown land’s resources

And of course the usual suspects…travel, entertainment, inspiration, desires…the foundations of Indulge Divulge



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    1 Comment on Welcome to the new ‘Indulge Divulge’

    1. Lyn
      April 25, 2012 at 10:23 pm (6 years ago)

      Love this picture and totally agree…..who doesn’t love life! xx


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