I confess. I can’t decide which category to put these in: cute, curious, clever or capable? Ten interesting items I’ve stumbled across in Paris…what do you think? 20131010-223217.jpgBaby sunglass and dummy combo – ’nuff said

20131010-223343.jpgCane toad coin purses and necklets – elegant use of a pesky critter’s coat

20131010-223603.jpgChicken wire lace fences – bog standard fence be gone! 20131010-223808.jpgFlams – a skinny tostada that thinks it’s a Pizza that thinks it tastes great and it does

20131010-224725.jpgGrape drape – makes grapes look super lush

20131010-223948.jpgHerb storage tower – love these!

20131010-224058.jpgPig face pies – or is it a teddy?

20131010-224145.jpgRibbon Giraffes – coats made entirely of grosgrain ribbon

20131010-224300.jpgStorm umbrella – need a storm to test

20131010-224350.jpgWing wearing Monkey – well why not?

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