Lake Como

Lake Como…Relais Regina Teodolinda

Lake Como.

George Clooney just sprang to mind didn’t he?…and not a bad ambassador for this breathtaking little piece of the world I must say.

George aside for the moment, this magnificent piece of Italy absolutely must be added to your list of places to visit while there. Why? It’s simply breathtaking for one, and if you have fabulous accommodation right on the Lake, deep blue water sparkling in the sunshine, a warm breeze on your face…well you may just feel you’ve died and gone to heaven.

20120408-180337.jpgAt least we did, the experience quite possibly enhanced by the sleek jet boat and it’s handsome driver who gave us a tour of the Lake, let us loose in the petite village of Bellagio, ferried us to a most memorable luncheon experience at a lovely little cliff clinging restaurant in celebration of Donna’s birthday, discreetly pointed out places where many movie scenes have been shot and celebs have taken up residence, before finally returning us to the waterside door steps of the Relais Regina Teodolinda.

At your request, continuing the series of Fabulous Finds…Chateaus, Maisons and Villas series…you may wish to add this one to your itinerary…







                                                                     Via Vecchia Regina 58, 22010 Laglio, Italy

Saying goodbye to Italy…

Twelve days can’t really do justice to the wealth of experiences Italy has to offer…but we’ve had a blast attempting to. Pisa, Florence, the Tuscan region; Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano, the Umbrian region, Venice, Lake Como…and just when we’ve grasped the basics of the language…enough to order our drinks, a rough smattering of platitudes, apologies and a healthy dose of abusive road language…over the border again tomorrow, passports at the ready.

20110524-075230.jpgDicky has become the Gordon Ramsay of the Italian highway; Ducky never, ever wants to drive cliff side again…he holds up the traffic doing 20 km around those cliffs you see, and he’s not fond of the impatient drivers tooting, flashing their lights and signaling abuse behind him. Bella, Fifi and Pixi have each perfected the semi silent scream, discreet white knuckling and grabbing just the right amount of change from the car kitty within seconds for the endless tolls. Driving Italian roads is definitely not for the faint of heart.

There have been defeats too. Crossing the restaurant language barrier sufficiently to ensure20110524-075508.jpgfirst courses arrive before second and not all at once; never to change your mind for the original dish will always turn up…or nothing at all; never to expect butter…or plates, salt or ground pepper…but a great deal of bread (a symbol of welcome) and always a very, very large bottle of olive oil, along with ‘gas’ or ‘non gas’ water. Ordering a liqueur coffee is definately worth it though… just to watch the look of incredulity cross their faces.

Ducky and Bella leave us now as we cross to Switzerland then on to Paris and they to Milano, AbuDhabi and home. Dicky is remorseful…his drinking buddy and partner in crime is leaving and he’s now solo with Pixi and Fifi and their endless verbal diarrhoea…

Oh! And as for that Mediterranean diet? It’s a myth…

Private boat picnic – Portofino 20110524-075317.jpg

‘Yes of course you may share our desserts rather than select your own dearest’ – Sorrento20110524-081834.jpg

Fifi and Dicky at the Trevi Fountain – Rome
20110524-075713.jpgWe always were trend setters huh Fifi? – Monterosso – Cinque Terra20110524-075729.jpg

Exploring Pompeii20110524-075748.jpg

Fifi and Donutella – Florence20110524-075811.jpg

The gang on the Spanish Steps – Rome

Cruising the harbor – Portofino20110524-075929.jpg

Papparazzi poses – Monterosso – Cinque Terra20110524-075230.jpg

Man of few words is Dicky –  Bellagio – Lake Como 20110524-075959.jpg
20110524-080044.jpgFarewell wayward travelers – enjoy the next leg of your journey – Lake Como

Officially dying and going to heaven…

Having consumed half our body weight in the creamiest Risotto, lamb racks and fish followed by the smoothest Brûlée, a rich berry mousse and all washed down with a lovely white or two from the local region…thanks to the administrations of Fabrizio our waiter in a delightful little restaurant overlooking Lake Como…it’s declared official. We’ve died and gone to heaven!

20110523-062414.jpgStarted the day gazing at the sun glistening on the lake over fresh juice, eggs and pastries before boarding the quite delectable Marco’s boat…Fifi and Pixie think he may be Ducky’s gift to Bella for it’s her birthday tomorrow. Our gorgeous captain who will cruise us up to Como, down to Bellagio then over to Crotto dei Platani our lakeside restaurant where, surrounded by 1,200 meter high mountains, a spectacular view of the snow tipped Italian alps in the distance and the Swis20110523-063940.jpgs alps behind us, we will celebrate…Happy birthday Bella!

20110523-063809.jpgWe get the gos on celebs. George isn’t home. A ‘serious’ chap, Matt Damon a ‘funny’, Julia Roberts ‘crazy’, Jennifer Anniston and Angelina Jolie both in town at the same time? ‘awkward’, Brad’s kids? ‘too much’…

Also viewed Versace’s residence, the Opus Dei territory (re Da Vinci code) and the church where Mussolini was shot. As well, the Cardinal’s home where Padma and Anakin (Star Wars Episode II) marry, Bond annihilates his nemesis (Casino Royale) and w

20110523-063548.jpghere so many film segments have been shot we immerse in a major deja vu moment.

Richard Branson also has local digs, accessible only via water, beautifully manicured and we thought owning Necker Island and a spot of Noosa was pretty cool!


Spend the remains of the day digesting in the sun by the pool, napping, having massages and swearing we can’t possibly eat dinner tonight for we are way too full…when suddenly Ducky cries out…hey! it’s already 5pm…we need to start planning dinner! Dicky busts his chair in his rush to assume the vertical position…












We also toast Kent. He died this day – 23rd May, 2007. Enjoying the big seas dear friend.



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