My Drunken Chocolate Cherry Liqueur balls…

Goddamn! The pressure of the annual office Christmas bake off was almost too much for us all this year, saved only by a tad of alcoholic fortitude and a fervent desire to go the easiest route.

Hark the Christmas Cherry Liqueur ball. Note the little alcoholic twist? Nice touch when coping with the silly season don’t you think?


6 x 52g Cherry ripe bars
1 x pkt Nice or similar plain biscuit
2 x tablespoons Cocoa
1 x can sweetened condensed milk
1 x pkt glacé cherries (or fresh)
Slosh of Cherry Liqueur (Sherry will also do)
1 x cup desiccated coconut


• Pop the glacé cherries in a small basin, slosh Cherry liqueur over and let them wallow a while
• If using fresh cherries, de-seed and do the same (can leave stalk on for extra pizzaz)
• Throw the cherry ripe bars, biscuits and cocoa into a blender and pulse until crumbly
• Add the can of condensed milk and pulse until blended (will now resemble a big sticky glob)
• Take a teaspoon full, press a cherry into the centre and mould the mix around to make a small ball. Wet hands if they become sticky to make the moulding easier
• Roll the ball in the desiccated coconut then pop on a large tray
• Repeat with remaining mixture
• Refrigerate long enough to firm up the balls (hour or so)

Pile ’em on a plate, decorate with a few fresh cherry clusters, tuck a twig of Holly in and watch them disappear.
NB: Leave the cherry and/or alcohol out if you wish.



And so this is Christmas…

There’s a Christmas tree in the foyer, it looks a tad forlorn but testament to how caring and considerate the Balinese are toward those who celebrate this tradition. We’ve ‘temporarily borrowed’ a few baubles and despite the lack of wrapping paper and ribbon for our presents, created our own shrine to Christmas consumerism.

On the pressie front Bret’s most enchanted with his Justin Bieber in 3D book, I’ve yet to find ‘Wally’, Steve’s glitter, sparkle ball is still working it’s magic under the sofa and Lynnie’s still pondering on what wish 69 in her Wish Book might involve. Serious pressies as well, lots of laughter and a tear or two as we chat to family back home.

Follow up the morning’s festivities with a French Martini before frocking up to indulge in a local take on traditional Christmas luncheon fare at Ku De Ta, later chilling on the grass to observe Santa and various elves in curious costumes weave their magic with the kiddies before tuning in to the reggaesque (nice word…made it up!) tones of Michael Franti who quickly whipped the crowd into a noisy, bouncy frenzy. Just cause for heaving our hot, tired, sticky selves back to the Villa for a cool swim followed by a walk on the beach and Pizza…the perfect conclusion to a Christmas day in Bali.

A very special thank you to Janine, Alan & Gabe, Steve & Lyn and of course Mr Brettles…you collectively made this day perfect!








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