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How exquisite the colour and hue…

Compared to our harsh summer glare, one of the most magnificent elements of the northern hemisphere is the subtle lighting. It’s no wonder artists and authors settle into the likes of Florence, Venice, Paris to paint, photograph, dream and wax lyrical. Someone with just such ability is Carla Coulson. An Aussie, Carla took herself off to Florence to master the art of photography, moved to Paris then enchanted us with images that have us wanting to sacrifice our first born for the chance to settle into a little side cafe, Prosecco in hand and absorb the  atmospheric majesty of these regions. Just a small sample below. Are you inspired? Venice followed by Paris…sigh..




Images from Carla Coulson – Carla Loves Photography

A White Carousel

Being an aspiring blogger myself, naturally I’m always looking for beauty, inspiration, ideas and enjoyment from other peoples Blogs…these sites continue to inspire. Take a moment, click on their links and be prepared to transport yourself to a whole new dimension…

 And here’s a gorgeous site I found thanks to Carla’s eye for brilliance. A wet tea party in our fine city. Since it’s always wet in Brisvegas these days, seemed quite A comfortable concept don’t you think?


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