Sitting by a pool on the shores of Lake Como, sipping bubbles…as you do…absorbing the steep majestic mountains edging the long yet narrow deep green waters resplendent with small Yachts, water-skiers and a cautious duck or two and enjoying post rain shower fresh mountain air. The view is quite surreal and we’re all pinching ourselves!20110523-084335.jpg

Another splendid contrast. So far we’ve traversed the water highways and numerous little Venizian bridges, resided in medieval castles and climbed perilously steep cliff hugging steps on the Amalfi Coast; we’ve sailed across the Mediterranean, tip-toed across Pompeii’s ancient remains, leant against the ridiculously leaning Tower of Pisa, thrown coins in the Trevi Fountain and shuddered in deep, dark Catacombs.

We’ve gasped at rolling lush green pastures, mountains and valleys, stared incredulously at tiny homes attached to cliff sides, giggled at our concerted efforts and appalling command on the language, lit small candles in cathedrals in honour of our loved ones. We’ve also relived each day through choosing photos for this blog, effectively imprinting such experiences for future ruminating.

20110523-084343.jpgNow to explore this beautiful part of Italy, our last brush with the craziness of Italian drivers, the passion of the people, the food…oh the food!

As for stalking George Clooney? Admit we girls wouldn’t be adverse to a little innocent flirtation and after the near miss with Pierce Brosnan, celebrity radars are on full alert!

A stroll down to dine by the water side and watch twilight cast it’s spell as the water turns to indigo, enhancing the twinkling lights on the far shore that compete with the millions of fairy lights dripping from the branches above…inciting us to linger just a little longer…just enough time to imprint this new delightful memory…





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    1 Comment on Stalking George in Lake Como…

    1. ren
      May 23, 2011 at 5:12 pm (7 years ago)

      speechless … not only the pictures but the gorgeous descrption – Jane and I are having lunch at the Irish spot on Wednesday so will disucuss your wonderful blog and fascinating travels

      love the Blog!!


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