The folks here seem so laid back! So said one of the posse here in Bali sharing a well deserved break from our respective Aussie routines. Laid back indeed…even the Koi in their prolific ponds are napping. We’ve discovered why…it’s too damned hot to do anything else but lie in water, sip fruit imbibed concoctions and…well…wallow! The act of simply moving from A to B is a hot, sweaty and exhaustive business and definitely not for the faint hearted!

Easy business avoiding the Christmas tree with an ominous sign attached warning ‘high voltage, do not touch’. Learnt the art of tip toeing around that nasty hybrid sausage dog in our lane determined to take an ankle as trophy to justify his own napping on the job. But there are only so many ways a girl can pretend to look chic in her cotton shift while waddling, legs apart in the hope of capturing a small breeze sufficient to pry her sweat infused thighs from their embrace while discreetly mopping the waterfall cascading down her back before it trickles all the way to her thongs and creates an embarrassing squelch, squelch; at the same time deftly dodging the many small offerings left for the gods and gaping holes that make up the footpaths.

Yup! ‘Tis hot here and the streets fraught with danger but all I care about is finding the shop with the strongest air conditioning. That shop wins! Hands down! Every time! Therefore am afraid your all getting t-shirts for gifts so get over it ok? Now to hit the pool…preferably filled with ice! And something containing alcohol, fruit and…ice. Lots and lots of ice.









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