Ahhh Venice. Founded on water, slowly sinking, a myriad of bridges, Gondolas, narrow watery canals and a whole lot of robust hustle.

Finding our way from the exterior carports dragging luggage onto crowded water buses then off at the appropriate stop is a feat worthy of G&T fortification. Equivalent20110521-083341.jpg to a gin martini with ‘drive by’ tonic we are giggling within minutes in the majestic Hotel Palazzo Giovanni. In celebration of our Fifi’s milestone birthday, Ducky surprises her with a pre planned upgrade to an exclusive suite where Murano Chandeliers delight and luxury abounds. A further Gin Martini over restaurant choices before Ducky finally exercises authority and insists on a Chinese nosh. The guru of this gastronomic pleasure and one must bow to the professional.

The picture doesn’t fit for obvious reasons but the restaurant surprises with the best we’ve
ever tasted…the crispy beef a particular pleasure (Bellsies you would have been in raptures) and all washed down with a lovely little Pinot Grigio.

20110521-083321.jpgOn every corner couples earnestly argue over maps in an effort to find their way home through narrow winding alleys and over the many bridges.

We readily find ours digs thanks to the girls’ visual recollections of Murano glassware, chocolate, nougat, Venetian mask and Italian leather stores…much to the chagrin of Dicky and Ducky for navigating is ‘man work’. So much to see, taste, sensate, the senses in overload we retire to rest, tomorrow will be a big day requiring fortitude and strong leather soles…oh! Italian shoes! Want. Need. Have to have!







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