Dicky, Fifi, Ducky and Bella catch the ferry to the Isle of Capri while Pixi makes up for lost time in the hotel she plans to one day perform her nuptials, so enthralled is she. Snuggling into a luxuriously deep, leather clad lounge, Pixi struggles to find focus –  a magnificent view, 100s of intriguing coffee table books, a blog post demanding script…it’s all too much. Windy, overcast and chilly outside she settles into her perfect version of the ‘happy place’.

Later a wander through the quaint little Sorento streets with a scoop of cherry ice-cream that could quite simply be the most delightfully creamy ice-cream ever experien20110518-104113.jpgced…or maybe that’s the atmosphere?

The Capri party return and we drive down the Amalfi Coast cliff side to Positano then walk down, down, down to the shore, perusing the little stores along the way and finding special little gifts for loved ones. We settle for Pizza back home, simply because we want to marvel at and absorb this exquisite hotel while we can…

And then we learn that Pierce Brosnan was in the same restaurant we went to the night before…Donna feels woozy…he’s her idol…


La Minervetta is a spectacular hotel…very modern, eclectic, kitch but in an elegant way…and featured in the top hotels of the world in the Mediterranean region with a price tag to match. Vesuvius must keep her hat on and earthquakes stay in Spain while we’re here for this cliff side dwelling business leaves little shaking margin. But how absolutely breathtaking is the view! Pixi’s goldfish moments result in over 70 photos of the exact same breathtaking view.  La Minervetta photo gallery now open:

La Minervetta
















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    1 Comment on Posturing in Positano…

    1. Miss Kendall
      May 18, 2011 at 11:10 pm (7 years ago)

      Greetings Aunty Jane, Nanny & Cobby.
      Finally have had a chance to get online and check out the blog and pics. Hope you are all having a fab time, looks as though you are!
      All is good at home & the kids are excellant. Work is busy with many students,new staff to orientate & of course the diploma ongoing. Staying up late at night to complete assignments is taking its toll.
      Mum, does that green shopping bag contain something wonderful for me!!!
      Chat soon luv Miss Kendall & kidlets xxx


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