JaneJaniePooJaneOJetJinnyLizDrama Queen. I answer to them all, the latter of which I am particularly fond. Give me a sturdy mantlepiece and, hand on brow I will deliver a perfect rendition of Irene, my late Grandmother and consummate actress, in full swing. Known for delivering thoughts in 20 thousand words when a mere 20 would have been sufficiently eloquent…that’s me!

Along the way I’ve told many inspirational stories; about colleagues, my transition candidates, trainees, friends, my late partner, my pets, life in the wild west. I’ve also waxed lyrical about the amazing lives of the Patriarches and Matriarches in my family, themselves lovers of theatre and drama and each my own inspiration. Such stories have led to friends imploring me to document the family’s interesting history. But where to start?

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    Good restaurants and cafes deserve recognition…food, ambience, style, decor, service…all judged according to personal tastes; thus am leaving that to the critiques whose livelihoods depend upon witty, acerbic and considered opinions. Having said that, eating out is a great pleasure, attempting to duplicate a good dish discovery at home, even more so.

    Delighting friends with a carefully considered home cooked menu, wine and music match, a beautifully set table, ambient lighting..well it gives me the warm fuzzies. Occasionally daunting, at times challenging…usually after one too many Daiquiris…but always fun. Good friends are cool with that as they too are usually immersed in the fun around the kitchen bench. (more…)

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      Plain Jane

      My friend Jane D gently chided me when she discovered I had yet to populate my ‘Inspire’ Tab. Truth is, I had so many beautiful pieces I’d collected over the years from which to choose, selecting something sufficiently profound became the challenge. A sleepless night, 3am…inspiration!


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        Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away.”
        George Eliot

        Thankyou George for providing the essence of my Blog so eloquently. Having collected inspirational, funny, moving and profound quotes over the years, selecting ones to include in cards to special people, others to make Facebook friends smile…well why not share them all? I hope my quotes, stories and chats about the arts, theater, music and literature will ‘Inspire’ you.

        Challenge? Movie critiques in 10 words or less…

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          A satisfying and rewarding career is essential to one’s wellbeing given we devote a good portion of our 168 hours per week to earning a crust. I found mine at the tender age of 45 and now have the pleasure of helping others find theirs.

          The bulk of my work involves career transition counselling…not the George Clooney equivalent from the movie ‘Up in the Air’ as many assume…instead, helping those who’ve experienced retrenchment to identify future options, then develop their marketing tools accordingly.

          Job search requires an effective marketing strategy, strong social media presence, solid networking skills and the confidence to sell one’s self in the market place. Here’s where I plan to share hints and tips that may help you maintain your rewarding career…enjoy!



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            My little scrapbook of life enhancements

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             “Career management specialist, obsessed blogger, aspiring foodie, traveller and retail therapist; lover of gadgets, mango daiquiris and sourcing the perfect downtown nosh”

            Hi! I’m Jane and welcome to Indulge Divulge. Whether looking to love your job just that little bit more, nurture your mind, improve your abode, feed your need for exploration or simply taste new sensations, I hope my little ‘scrapbook’ of inspirational finds and lifestyle enhancements might contribute in some small way to enhancing yours too.

            Currently sharing amusing and frightening travel tales from France. Enjoy! Feedback always welcomed!



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