‘Camping’ and ‘Jane’ simply don’t go in the same sentence as many will attest, thus when BJ declared that a camping trip would be just the ticket for his birthday treat, the response was a frosty stare and stony silence. Fully expecting such a reaction and having done his research, the dear man had actually found the perfect compromise…Glamping!

Plug my hair drier in? A cosy bed with fluffy pillows? A real loo? And shower too? And are you absolutely sure the tent won’t blow away at the first gust of wind? A yes to all and I’m in!

Ketchups Bank Glamping does indeed provide the perfect compromise, my essentials PLUS the beauty that comes with wilderness…spectacular views across taupe velvet rolling hills, Rosellas and King Parrots jostling for seeds, a petite Wallaby with joey peeking from her pouch mooching in nearby grass, Bilbys and Bettongs scuttling too and fro, the sparkling scales of Silver Perch rising from the dam’s surface to snatch fish pellets in the dappled sun. BBQ for the steaks, a roaring campfire, marshmallows for toasting, a mellow merlot and a good book…ah bliss! Glamorous Camping indeed!

Long days exploring the walks, a nearby winery and basking in the warm sun concluded with us snuggling our freshly showered selves into fluffy bathrobes in a big warm, cosy bed slap dab in the middle of our solid Eco Tent to watch DVDs, hot chocolate in hand. Later, marveling at the silence, the brilliant stars above and fresh mountain air, we drifted into heavenly sleep…only to be sharply woken by gale force winds whipping themselves into a frenzy around us. But then we smiled in sleepy confidence…it’s gonna take much, much more than that to blow this here tent away!

Gracious hosts, lovely weekend, heartily recommended.






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