To a whole new theme!

Change! As good as a holiday!

Opportunity to stretch and grow, step outside the comfort zone, take a walk on the wild side and in the spirit of living, laughing, loving and learning, I embrace it. No wait! I’d draw the line at living in a Yurt wrapped in smelly animal skins and dining on eyeball and Yak milk stew, in the name of love. Be a damn good laugh though!

This time last year I was taking that walk on the wild side and together via this blog we explored France and Italy, wrote a book, exorcised a few personal demons, developed wonderful friendships and even managed to avoid Australian Embassy intervention. Your comments were warm caresses in the lonelier moments, uplifting in the sad ones and always, always encouraging throughout.

So how to follow up that adventure? Why with a whole new blog theme sporting clean lines and full retina response of course! With posts sharing simple lifestyle enhancements – from career hints to decor tips, culinary trips to travel tricks, plus a spot of inspirational guff, a few personal confessions and an odd epic fail for good measure.

Love to hear your feedback and please feel free to share. Enjoy!


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