Goddamn! The pressure of the annual office Christmas bake off was almost too much for us all this year, saved only by a tad of alcoholic fortitude and a fervent desire to go the easiest route.

Hark the Christmas Cherry Liqueur ball. Note the little alcoholic twist? Nice touch when coping with the silly season don’t you think?


6 x 52g Cherry ripe bars
1 x pkt Nice or similar plain biscuit
2 x tablespoons Cocoa
1 x can sweetened condensed milk
1 x pkt glacé cherries (or fresh)
Slosh of Cherry Liqueur (Sherry will also do)
1 x cup desiccated coconut


• Pop the glacé cherries in a small basin, slosh Cherry liqueur over and let them wallow a while
• If using fresh cherries, de-seed and do the same (can leave stalk on for extra pizzaz)
• Throw the cherry ripe bars, biscuits and cocoa into a blender and pulse until crumbly
• Add the can of condensed milk and pulse until blended (will now resemble a big sticky glob)
• Take a teaspoon full, press a cherry into the centre and mould the mix around to make a small ball. Wet hands if they become sticky to make the moulding easier
• Roll the ball in the desiccated coconut then pop on a large tray
• Repeat with remaining mixture
• Refrigerate long enough to firm up the balls (hour or so)

Pile ’em on a plate, decorate with a few fresh cherry clusters, tuck a twig of Holly in and watch them disappear.
NB: Leave the cherry and/or alcohol out if you wish.



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