Ever found your *Mojo quietly sneaking away to an exotic destination while you struggle on with the busyness of life? I did after returning from six months wandering Europe at leisure – schedules, deadlines and accountabilities other than to myself refreshingly absent ‘cept for the odd challenge deciphering train schedules and menus…and the thought of that eventual return to normality.

Turns out my Mojo chose to stay on a particularly spectacular little beach on the Côte d’Azur while I desperately struggled to resume the life I once knew, sans a loving partner with whom I’d been cohabiting the previous five years.

Emotions ran riot. My writing suffered. I spent endless energy searching for the next big thing, lost appreciation for what I already had and felt ashamed for doing so. Had my company not offered stimulating projects, a posse of loving friends their quiet support, and the discovery of four simple steps (outlined below) I’m sure my whining would have resulted in a one way ticket to a land far, far away, an airport escort and a chorus of ‘don’t come back y’hear!’

If your Mojo’s giving you the slip, feel reassured that a couple of days in a downward direction won’t kill you. However, as I found, it’s extremely easy to keep heading downhill. The climb back up is way more difficult. In fact it requires constant effort.

Try this:

  1. Make a list of at least five areas in your life and work that are important to you
  2. Resolve to take at least one action, every day, to improve that area of your life.
  3. Schedule those actions into your daily routine.
  4. Execute on your plan.

My personal list:

Health: Sign up and participate in at least one health enhancing activity
Family: Make at least one person in my family feel incredibly loved
Friendships: Check in on at least two friends weekly
Work: Put my hand up to lead at least one project that will make me a valued employee
Network: Call or email at least one business contact weekly
Finance: Take at least one action that will give me more control over my finances
Creativity: Do at least one creative activity that’s not business related
Growth: Engage in at least two brain stimulating activities
Home: Make at least one enhancement to my abode
Spiritual: Choose just one activity that will quieten the chattering monkeys in my head

Once I recorded actual activities, I contracted with myself to meet those resolutions, day after day, week after week. The bonus was I found my activity created upward momentum in other areas in my life I’d previously neglected and allowed to head downhill.

I also discovered that because each small action ensured that I would give attention to these areas of my life, I found myself doing more than the minimum that I resolved to do. I also found that the goals forced me to get more done in less time at work in order to focus on my new resolutions.

Try this method for a week. Once you feel the upward momentum, you won’t want to stop and before your know it…why hello Mojo?…welcome back my friend.

Would love to hear your hints for reenergizing, feel free to drop a comment.


Image: Mad Men/AMC
*Mojo – a magic charm, talisman or spell; sex appeal or talent’

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