Photos and documentaries abound, but it’s our lovely guide Luchia’s wealth of information that brings Pompeii to life. Hard to believe it was decimated in AD79 and not rediscovered until 1594, even more incredible, the ingenuity that went into the building of and livelihood within the city, so many centuries ago. The Romans, with a little borrowing from the Greeks, were indeed ingenious architects and designers as well as great philosophers, artists and business men.20110518-101138.jpg

After marveling at the remains and feeling sad for the agony the residents endured when Vesuvius erupted (still one of the most active volcanos having exploded 37 times since) we make our way along the Amalfi coast to our Sorrento  accommodation.

20110518-101157.jpgJust one problem…La Minervetta has the dates wrong. Much drama later and despite efforts to placate, we find they can only accommodate two of our three parties tonight for, in their books, we aren’t due to arrive until tomorrow.

Pixie takes one for the team and goes to a dodgy hotel up the road, sulks awhile then, determined not to let this affect her holiday, joins the team, indulges in a group hug and a few large swigs of Moet then joins her buddies in the 300 step descent down the cliffside to a restaurant on the shoreline where more Champers provides a gentle dulling of the senses. Suddenly the drama doesn’t seem quite so bad after all…until we realize what that return journey involves…



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