Ok! ok! Consuming and blogging about delectable noshes throughout our French and Italian travels was all well and good, but yes it’s time to get some serious stuff in the Blog’s ‘Indulge’ column now…so what about a Mango?

Why the Mango? Well those who followed our travels noted that rather a lot of G&Ts were consumed. A simple drink requiring a splash of Gin, slosh of tonic, chunk of ice, slither of lime…easy, relatively accessible. Bit of an institute actually. But! If I’d only had a blender, Barcardi and a mango or two…

Oh! And did you know that our iconic fruit is loved in the UK but sales are down because folks there don’t know what else to do with it aside from the obvious? Well here’s a mighty fine idea…

Behold the mighty Daiquiri!

When Mangos are in season, flushed with firm ripeness and smelling divine, why not grab a box at good price, race them home, peel, slice their cheeks off and freeze in small (4 cheek) freezer bags for easy, year round, Mango treats. Smoothies, mousse, coulee, granita, soufflé…AND Mango Daiquiris!

Simply grab a bag of cheeks, still frozen, slip them straight from the bag into the blender, add a slosh of Bacardi and blend on high ’till smooth. Quick taste test for texture and sweetness, pour the thick smooth outcomes into cocktail or traditional martini glasses, garnish with a slithered twist of mango peel, mint leaf tip or slither of lime and serve.

If making the Daiquiri with fresh mango…and what better way to use up the excess bits from your initial freeze fest…add ice along with the Bacardi and blend until smooth.

Cheers! sluuurp….mmmm…


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