Heading overseas for 6 months means stuff to do, lots and lots of stuff and requiring a bunch of lists to prevent mild doses of panic…a trip such as this is meant to be fun isn’t it?

Created my first list in January, another in Feb, one for March and another for April…all in the hope that the May list will simply state ‘Pack’, Get on Flight, ‘GO!

For those contemplating a similar sojourn or are simply curious about why Janes’s been acting slightly crazed of late here’s February’s Top 20 things to do:

• Pop leave application in – total days less public hols? 135
• Confirm Company approval – thumbs up, phew!
• Inform family – Mum’s started worrying already
• Inform staff, family, friends – sighs of envy, rather nice
• Pop first bottle of bubbles – a cheapie as now on budget

• Find someone to manage home Unit lease – yea Georgina
• List what stays, what goes with fully a furnished lease
• Find Title Deed, prep paperwork – good thing I’m organized
• Plan day for Unit’s advertising photos – starting point
• Secure list of good carpet, spring clean, curtain cleaners

• Unsubscribe all auto emails – remarkably liberating
• Develop travel budget – may need to sleep in alleyways
• Update official budget – no incoming, plenty outgoing!
• Stop monthly fashion mag subscriptions – um? No!
• Book Writers Retreat – sigh of joy

• Clean out storage space in prep for more – liberating
• Start clean out with bathrooms – share excess girly stuff
• Pay balance of existing holiday deposits – no excuses now
• Create March list… Gulp!
• Pop another bottle of bubbles – deserve it!

A hearty tick against all….

Watch out for April’s list!




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    1. Carly Adamson
      March 21, 2013 at 11:38 pm (5 years ago)

      ….and most definitely that pink typewriter! 🙂


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