Keen to learn a few hints and tips on how to pack and store an entire household’s worth in a single weekend whilst maintaining sanity? Read on…

Context…leasing one’s nest for 6 months requires advertising a month in advance to ensure sufficient time to secure a tenant willing to take up residence upon exit.

Photos associated with advertising must depict exactly what the tenant can expect, thus requiring the removal of personal and precious belongings while maintaining ‘appeal’ for maximum rental return. As well necessitating a savvy strategy and more than a few lessons along the way!

The list started here…March weekend 4

Purchase pl20130415-065625.jpgastic bins: Bargain City did the trick, dragging 10 bins the entire length of a shopping complex didn’t.
Hint – perfect for storing clothing, linen and precious items when living in flood prone regions
Oh! And park at the right end of the shopping complex!

Purchase storage cartons: determined quantity based on guesstimate per room plus 10 more just in case.
Hint – choose a manageable size if sans muscular man and a cardboard weightaccording to amount of expected man handling. Storage co’s will buy back unused boxes.

Box and ship wardrobe cull: dropped boxes to size 8 friend, now busy sorting for ‘Dress for Success’ and other charities in return for first dibs.
Hint – sort into categories for ready drop off to appropriate charities sans willing friend

20130417-071041.jpg• ‘Style’ balcony: popped Saarbi Barbie car’s roof, buckled fresh new palms in, avoided speeding despite rain, hauled ’em upstairs, cleaned up dirt trail, nursed frond poked eye, poured well deserved wine.
Hint – Pop tall plants inclined to topple into a high sided carton for ease of transportation

And that was Saturday! But then there was Sunday…and Monday!



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