Do you think it strange to have a fetish for Kikki K? To covet a cluster of cards from Card & Caboodle? To fall into a fugue in Office Works? So many coloured pens, beautiful papers, ribbon, wrapping, cards, folders, boxes, files! I confess…places such as these make my heart race and let’s face it…not that bad an obsession really. Or is it?

I have a work colleague who covets sparkly pens, another who cherishes inspiring decals, a friend who loves the thrill of searching for the perfect wrapping and ribbon to add to her stock pile, another who collects birthday cards, fills them in and files them ready for posting. Comrades one and all!

But where to store it all? I love to surround myself with resources to maintain order, to have a place for everything and everything in it’s place…so much so that I’ve just spent the last three months searching for my principle car key because I DIDN’T return it to its designated box, you know…the one where the GPS and other car associated paraphernalia lives? An exception to be sure and signifying one can be a trifle OVER organised, but I find being thus calms me, steadies me in the sea of chaos called life.

Corralling the volumes of paper…bills, receipts, warrantees, guarantees, stationery, printer supplies, cards, wrapping, ribbon…requires the offerings of stores like Kikki K. And housing these offerings requires a special space, one that encourages us to maintain such order, entices us to sit and contemplate. A harmonious space that invites us to plan, pay our bills and tend to our communications with pleasure rather than sufferance.

Here are a few beautiful spaces that do exactly that. For those who have created their ‘space’ a few fresh ideas. and for those aspiring to do so…perhaps a little inspiration. Bonus for going there? Tax time becomes a breeze!











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