The ‘Q Weekend’ magazine. A great little lunch time read, 30 minutes and I’m done and back in action, but not before relishing an article where four Queensland kids, age five, eight, 12 and 15, share their insights on the big issues with Frances Whiting (Smart Stuff, Q Weekend, Nov 14-15)  Extracts that are at once refreshing, amusing, insightful, poignant and up-lifting. The one that really stands out for me? Jessica’s opinion on Kim Kardashian. Our future is in good hands.

Q: Why do people have different coloured skin? 

Because people change colours when they are babies (Lewis age 5)

Because some are Torres Strait Islanders and some are Aboriginal (Savanna age 8)


Q: What is racism? 

I don’t know that word (Savanna age 8)

Racism is when a person thinks they should have more rights than a person with a different – coloured skin…it kind of makes me mad because nobody can be more powerful than another person (Connor age 12)

Racism is the discrimination against someone because of their ethnicity. I don’t like it at all. It’s stupid, unnecessary and such a silly thing to be discriminated against. (Jessica age 15)

Q: What does beautiful mean?

When you love someone (Lewis age 5)

It means you are very pretty and lovely (Savanna age 8)

I think beautiful is to think of yourself as a good person. It’s not just about how a person looks. You could be beautiful by making good decisions you are proud of. (Connor age 12)

The thing about that word, for me, is that it ends win ‘full’ whichI read as being filled with beauty, from inside out. Not just the outer shell (Jessica age 15)

Q: Why do people get married?

Because they get to dance (Lewis age 5)

Because if you love someone and they love you, but there is someone else who might love  them, you should do it so they can’t marry the other person (Savanna age 8)

Because they show they understand each other and have honest feeling for each other. They get married as a sort of blessing now. I think everyone should be able to get married. (Connor age 12)

Q Who is allowed to get married?

Parents, boys and girls, girls and girls, boys and boys. Only adults can get married, not kids or babies…so long as you are an adult and have a love (Savanna age 8)

At the moment people are being told hey can’t get married but anyone should be able to if they are doing it for the right reasons, that they love and support each other and want to be legally bound together (Jessica age 15)

Q: Who is Kim Kardashian?

Huh? (Lewis age 5)

Kim Kardashian is one of my least favourite celebrities because she is famous for nothing, and I feel like someone who has that much fame and power and influence should be doing something, but she does nothing. She could be advocating women’s issues she could be starting a conversation with all her followers about domestic violence, but instead it’s about what she owns, how many cars, how much jewelry, and it’s just such a waste of the voice she could have. (Jessica age 15)

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    1. Jane Davies
      December 13, 2015 at 4:25 pm (2 years ago)

      So beautiful and true. Thanks


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