What a fabulous depiction of Florence in her winter coat, the vision evoking so many nostalgic memories, the city having been the perfect backdrop for the last Xmas I had the good fortune to share with Kent.

Highlights for those contemplating a winter exploration of this fine city? The fairy lights strung between street and alleyway buildings, their ambient sparkle glistening in a light smattering of snow such as this photo depicts. The delightful chuckles of children riding the carousel, not dissimilar to the one beneath the Eiffel Tower. The massive Christmas tree bathed in blue surrounded by buskers, artists and a preternatural Native American band entrancing the audience with their ethereal pan flutes. The sweet woman reliving her ‘Woodstock’ era dancing whimsically to the band’s rhythm. Boisterous locals, most of the city it turns out, celebrating the festivities…all of us crammed into the Piazza Del Duomo under the shadow of the ever omnipresent Cathedral namesake, her facade bathed in a soft glow thanks to her polychrome marble encrustations.

As an Australian so used to celebrating Christmas with seafood at the beach, the scene was somewhat surreal and oh so very special; enhanced with the sipping of hot chocolate to warm freezing extremities, compliments of the cosy Trattoria dei Quattro Leoni, the perfect place to absorb the atmosphere, people watch and truly appreciate this incredible scenario.

If you have been to this amazing city, our readers would love to hear your personal highlights. Do share. Photograph compliments of Carla Coulson.


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