So many of my favorite people have been diagnosed with various forms of cancer recently…some in the midst of battle, some in nervous remission, others rejoicing in a long term clean bill of health…all fighting or having fought the good fight against this insidious creature.

A dear friend who has been gallantly fighting her own battle has just been delivered new, disarming news requiring her to draw deeply on yet another of her inner wells of reserve. She is strong, brave and absolutely determined to grow old with her babies and doting husband. I know that she draws inspiration and courage from kick ass, uplifting songs…all types of fabulous ‘go feck yourself’ pieces of music. My mission is to build a compilation of the best of the best.

Help me help my friend Moo fight the fight. My mission? To build Moo a playlist she can plug her iPod earphones into…sing along to, scream at, draw inspiration from or lull herself to sleep by.

All who are receiving my blog feeds and anyone finding my blog when searching for their own personal inspirations….please post me some of your personal faves?

Thank you in anticipation fellow supporters of survivors on a mission. Love u Moo…we will conquer! Oh yes we will! ♥

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