In 2012 I came across Ari Seth Cohan’s blog and newly minted book on New York’s most stylish seniors and felt humbly inspired, so much so I had to share (for those who weren’t subscribed at the time, repost below). A tome brimming with visuals of fabulous women steadfastly refusing to succumb to ‘middle age ho-hum’ and now the lovely ladies are about to enjoy a heartwarming film treatment, directed by Lina Plioplyte – just love a good ‘feel good’ Documentary don’t you?

2012 Post…

The style jury is out! Should we dress according to someone’s dictate on what constitutes ‘age appropriate’, or should we throw caution to the wind and allow our own sense of style to drive our choices?

Do we take our cue from the late greats who exuded style without apparent effort…think Jackie Onassis and Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and the late Carolyn Bessette? From our currently acknowledged style meisters Victoria Beckam, Kate Middleton, Chloe Sevigny and Blake Lively? Or do we take an edgier approach where outcomes could look either casually effortless and über cool or verge on the tragic?

A case of personal taste of course but to me it’s all about confidence. Regardless of age, gender, shape or weight…confidence.

The ‘Advanced Style’ beauties (Ari Seth Cohan’s work) from my previous blog showcased elegance as defined by neutral color palettes and what the style gurus would consider ‘safe’ for those within this age demographic. Now, here’s a few who chose to take a walk on the wild side…and just look at that confidence!








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