A couple of my good mates suggested I create a blog to share my impending journey with friends and family and what a fabulous idea? Hence the establishment of this Blog. You will see by the tabs that the blog has long term plans, but for the moment a perfect vehicle for sharing our adventure.

My travelling companions and long time friends Jenny and Ross and I plan to munch our way through the south of France and Italy, coffee with George in Lake Como, pop a toe into Switzerland (just so we can say we’ve been there) and then….bliss out with seven days in Paris. And what better way to celebrate Jenny’s birthday? A milestone birthday which of course demands an appropriate place in which to celebrate.

Please join us as we share fave photos, describe our most delectable dishes, ruminate on our Hotels, Castles and B&B’s; and provide general commentary on the scenery, each other’s driving capability, the locals, the fashion, the politics and all things European.

We hope you enjoy!

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