IMG_9487Earning: A satisfying and rewarding career is essential to one’s wellbeing given we devote a good portion of our 168 hours per week to earning our crusts. I found my career bliss at age 45 and now coach others find theirs.

My greatest joy lies in helping those who’ve experienced a retrenchment instil coping mechanisms to deal with the uncertainty of job loss. From there we work together to determine their unique value proposition and future career direction, craft focused marketing and social media branding campaigns and robust job search strategies and kick ass interviewing and salary negotiation skills to land their next job, usually faster than the average Jo. I hope you find my hints and tips useful for developing and maintaining your own rewarding career.

Inspiring: We all need a little mo-jo career boost on occasion, inspirational people, sage words, observations, thought provokers, I hope you enjoy my favourites.


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