JaneJaniePooJaneOJetJinnyLizDrama Queen. I answer to them all, the latter of which I am particularly fond. Give me a sturdy mantlepiece and, hand on brow I will deliver a perfect rendition of Irene, my late Grandmother and consummate actress, in full swing. Known for delivering thoughts in 20 thousand words when a mere 20 would have been sufficiently eloquent…that’s me!

Along the way I’ve told many inspirational stories; about colleagues, my transition candidates, trainees, friends, my late partner, my pets, life in the wild west. I’ve also waxed lyrical about the amazing lives of the Patriarches and Matriarches in my family, themselves lovers of theatre and drama and each my own inspiration. Such stories have led to friends imploring me to document the family’s interesting history. But where to start?

The south of France, a little villa, watching four seasons worth of sunsets while I feverishly write this masterly novel; later published to critical acclaim, family members launching defamation cases merely garnering further attention to my runaway success, Quentin Tarantino begging for the movie rights? Nice, but requiring a healthy pot of gold. Instead I will let my little story unfold here…

The Cast? Well they are currently auditioning…stay tuned!

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