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Hi there lovely readers. Can’t believe it’s been 12 months since I had my home reimagined (photos in my Interior Designer’s hands) yet I’m ready for a little refresh – new year, new beginning and all that. What about you? Given a total makeover can be costly (my bank balance is still quivering!), luckily there are quite a few wallet-friendly ways to spice up your space while scratching the redecorating itch. Here’s my top 6 for doing exactly that.

Grab a can of paint

Feeling ambitious? A fresh coat of paint is an excellent way to give your place a facelift. Paint an accent wall in an afternoon. A whole room across a weekend. Wanna go small for starters? I’ve just painted the frame surrounding a quote print and two very old trays a rustic gold. Both look hot off the show room floor! You can try spray painting a knick-knack gold to up the glam factor, or go hard and reimagine a whole room!


Add a couple of new accents

If you’re more of a shopper than a painter, there are plenty of places to score new, budget-friendly accent pieces. Think big-box stores like West Elm, Pottery Barn, Freedom, Domaine, Ikea,Target as well as local interior boutiques. Looking for something with history and character? Try First Dibs on line. Fancying a coffee table spruce? Check out: Feathering our nests

Image: MyDomaine

 And fresh flowers or plants

Notice pot plants have made a come back? Succulents and air plants make for great budgetoptions, very on trend and ever so easy to maintain compared to the good old Maiden Hair fern of yesteryear. Or go all out by hitting the flower markets first thing in the morn for fabulously, cheap fresh flowers. I love trawling the freezers for bulk flowers in just two complementary colours to spruce the place when guests are coming to dine or stay over. Don’t mind paying a little extra? Grab a bunch during the weekly grocery run. Oriental Lilies last up to two weeks, Monstera leaves last for months, making them both worthy buys.

Shop your own home

Sure that item might live in your bedroom but does it have to stay there? Bar carts can turn into side tables and desks can serve as nightstands. Single seat arm chairs can visit other rooms, so too side tables, lamps, storage trunks, cushions, throws. Why not move a piece of art that’s always been in your living area to somewhere more unexpected, like the kitchen or the bathroom? The choices are endless.

Image: sfgirlbybay

Restyle those shelves

Similar to shopping your own space for big pieces to rearrange, try switching up your “shelfie” by changing which items are on display. Small decorative objects, pretty books, and candles can all be rearranged for a completely new look. Move that candle to your nightstand, try arranging your books by colour, swap out those plants, photo frames. Cluster complementary colours together for a streamlined ‘styled’ look.

Image: Poppytalk

Finish off with a rug or two

Rugs can be a surprisingly affordable way to add a pop of colour to a room. Cow hides, Flokati, turkish, jute, hemp, sisal, the choices are endless.They’re also useful for defining areas in smaller spaces or across open floor plans like studio apartments. Have fun!!

Image: My Ideal Home

Happy Easter y’all!

Chocolate rabbits, fish and chips, family and friends, sunshine, sacred moments…have a fabulous Easter break my lovely readers!

Jane x

Home – feathering our nests

I’ve been focusing way to much on work related stuff of late my lovelies- what not to say in interviews, how to build your social media brand and so on – sharing my work related bliss (career coaching) for helping you find your work related bliss (rewarding career). But hey! You know this here blog aims to inspire on so much more than just the gig that keeps the wolf from the door.

Let’s talk about what’s behind that door. The home that nurtures and sustains, comforts and protects. Where we shed the shoes, pitch the work kit, don the sexy jammies (nothing less), pour a wine, light a candle (ok ok, after the kidlets are in bed) and kick back. On the sofa. Behind the coffee table. The one usually supporting our feet, said wine and that pile of life’s detritus. Well that coffee table is about to be spruced.

As many of you know, I’m big on ‘styling’ stuff. Book shelves, desks, bedside tables, coffee tables, heck any sort of surface, often sharing the passion on the blog. Always on the look out for coffee table books, scented candles, sweet little nicknacks to spruce my home, feather my nest; coupled with the occasional crack of dawn raid on the Flower Markets when I’m feeling flush – all fuelling my frustrated interior stylist mojo.

So excited do I get, I once spent 5 hours with a girlfriend helping her perfect her coffee table vignette. Frivolous waste of time? Perhaps for some. For us, a few strategically placed, aesthetically pleasing goodies simply adding an extra layer of luxe to her home – as per the dictate of Ingrid Abramovitch (New York interiors writer) ‘space is finite, so everything has to be beautiful or functional‘.

Kate Spade (All in Good Taste) says no one ‘decorates’ their home, they embark on an expedition. ‘The choices you make are a journey that tells the story of you and should always be the best expression of you’. And that’s what makes creating vignettes for the coffee table, easier than it sounds. I’ve a few suggestions to help you create or refresh yours:

Mementos: Favourite items from past travels, antique finds, shells, a particularly pretty gift box that can double for storing the TV remotes.

Books: Select those with an element of uniformity and complementary coloured spines. Leave one open at a favourite shot. I’ve see the Tom Ford tome on many a coffee table (see image below), often open to a provocative page, a wonderful way of expressing your individualism.

Fruit: A big bowl of long lasting fruit in a single colour. Green apples for instance; making for a fabulous apple crumble a month or so down the track and cheaper than flowers. Speaking of…

Flowers: I’d love to have a budget that extends to fresh flowers weekly, however today’s silk flowers are exceptionally realistic, making for perfect substitutes. Particularly for Peonies and Roses that cost a fortune and last just three days. I purchase fresh only when expecting dinner or house guests.

Candles: From the luxe such as Diptique, Jonathan Adler, Jo Malone; mid range including Glass House, Peppermint Grove, Voluspa; to economical from Kikki K, Target – there’s a myriad of brands from which to choose and just one can be sufficient. (Throw the gift hint out – candles please!) And light it for goodness sake! One of life’s glorious luxuries. Stick to a single signature scent and if lighting more than one at a time, do so in short bursts as some of the more luxurious can be quite heady. Be mindful of people’s allergies as well.

Glass Ware: Used candle receptacles, vases, pretty cut glass scotch glasses, an eclectic mix or one or two uniform styles, staggered, the choices are endless.

Bowls: Ceramic, glass, brass, filled with mints, M&M’s, sea shells, balls…or nothing at all.

Trays: One that can frame your vignette, effectively restricting you from getting too carried away. Serving double purpose and easy removal when cleaning that coffee table.

Looking for more inspiration? Pinterest of course, Instagram too. Major department and homeware store displays, interior design mags, blogs, websites, a veritable smorgasbord waiting for you.

As well, that fabulous little book by Kate Spade.

Have fun!!

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