Been taking mental ‘snapshots’ of late, small yet ever so special treasures to draw on whilst squirreled away in Europe. Perhaps my little treasures will inspire you to lift your eyes from the mobile and commit to memory your very own special moments. Enjoy and I will see you in six months!

Friends’ features, characteristics, mannerisms, gestures and laughs, the colours of their eyes.

Fellow commuters staring at phones with weary ‘another day, another dollar’ facial expressions.

Candidate’s grins as they learn how to develop strength proving achievements.

The sun’s dying rays reflecting on the city’s skyscrapers, RiverCat rides with the autumn sun’s warmth on my face, a nippy breeze on my cheek.

The smell of ozone after a rain shower, wet grass, market conversations, vendor repartee, fresh ground coffee, excited dogs straining on their leashes.

Yes, similar pleasures beckon in the European countries I’m about to settle in…new languages, culture steeped in an incredible history compared to this ‘young’ country…yet it’s the things right under my nose that will ensure my return. Friendships I cherish, local sensations yet to be savored, city secrets yet to be explored…can’t wait to go, can’t wait to return!

Off today to follow that dream my lovely followers, do come along via the blog and I will see you in November.



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