Sure we don’t see fairy lights sparkling on snow or necessarily relish a hot Turkey roast on the day but nothing beats a fab Aussie Xmas. The snow replaced with sand, surf and swimming pools, crackling fires with a blazing hot sun, the Turkey losing it’s throne to magnificent platters of fresh seafood, the pudding replaced with Trifle or Pav.

But one thing remains the same…carefully wrapped and beribboned presents piled under a sparkling, themed tree, a table groaning with gorgeous treats, center pieces and candles, lots of beautiful candles, Frank Sinatra in Christmas mode on the iPod, ambience personified with everyone dressed in white…well that’s how it would be in my house, just not this year…Bali beckons!

This hasn’t stopped me being inspired by gorgeous Xmas themes and table centre pieces, I just had to share! This year I seem to be having a ‘green’ moment, what about you? I hope this month’s story inspires you to make your 2012 Christmas even more fabulous than the last. Enjoy!









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