Beautiful Bali…balmy, lush green, frangipani scented…and raining. But that’s ok, today requires a wind down and regroup, it’s been a long drought ‘tween holidays.

Our Villa, tucked away in a tiny Seminyak back street behind high bamboo camouflaged walls is expansive….open to let the cool breezes in, subtly lit, abutting the warmest pool and spa…ambience personified. A good choice Lynnie ‘n Steve who, by the way, have just toddled off to a Gym! Tough Mudder competition just 4 weeks away and they’re now in panic mode. Bless!

BJ’s wallowing with coffee and newspapers on the day bed, chortling at the fact he’s currently a millionaire (in Rupee) and trying to prioritise…Coffee? Shops? Another swim? TV?

Me? Well my six leisurely paddles up and down the pool should do it. Enough to work up an appetite for the big tropical breakfast about to be delivered.

Long leisurely swim, dinner at Samaya ‘Breeze’, a glorious sunset…sleep. Terribly hedonistic yes…and loving it!







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