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In 2011, a friend suggested I create a blog to share an impending six-week European journey. Why not said I and so I did! However, until a girl finds her suave and sophisticated, rich and famous silver-haired fox, there’s only so much travel she can do at a time.

IndulgeDivulge thus morphed from the odd world exploration into my little scrapbook of life style enhancements. From career hints (my work-bliss) to travel kicks (my buzz), decor tips to culinary trips plus a spot of inspirational guff, a few personal confessions and the odd ‘epic fail’ or two, just for giggles.

Fantastic subscribers and followers, your encouragement and your support has taken the blog to where it is today, 5,000+ open followers and growing. Thank you!

Comments always welcome and feel free to share the love!

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