When feeding my lovely girlies recently, concluded our sweet and sumptuous soirée with a delightfully cool, fresh and fruity summer dessert. Ever so elegant, rather pretty and oh so simple! Try it!


400g ricotta cheese
165g caster sugar
300ml thickened cream
100g white chocolate Toblerone chopped finely
100g Turkish delight chopped finely
150g chopped nectarines

• Line 140cm x 21cm loaf pan with a strip of foil or baking paper to cover base and extend over the two long sides
• Beat ricotta and sugar in small bowl with electric mixer until smooth. Transfer ricotta to larger bowl
• Beat cream in same small bowl with electric mixer ’til soft peaks form
• Stir chocolate, turkish delight and nectarines into ricotta mixture, fold in cream
• Spoon mixture into prepared pan, smooth top, cover, freeze overnight or until firm

• Turn parfait out onto a long platter, slice. Stand at least 10mins or until softened slightly before serving.

Decorate with extra chopped turkish delight and throw a few delicate pink rose petals around the platter for a little extra visual pizzaz…present!

(Recipe can be found in Women’s Weekly Best Food Collection)

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