SEVENthe world’s favorite number based on 13,000 votes on Damn, what’s wrong with FIVE?

38%proportion of Europeans with a mental illness, according to the European Brain Council and European College of Neuropsychopharmacology. Title alone just did my head in!

43Length, in pages, of dress code guidelines at Swiss Bank UBS. So your saying my lurex boob tube, leopard print mini and red patent leather stilettos are out of the question?

£312BILLION…How much ‘non practicing entities’, or patient trolls, have cost publicly traded companies in litigation since 1990. Clever sods!

24 HOURS…period of time a US University’s students were asked to abstain from using any media. They reported feeling ‘anxious, miserable and jittery’. So that’s why I have palpitations when my iPad has less than 24% power left?

Netwire 2012

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