Explore, explore, foot sore, weary, Elmo* and Pixi yearn for a pub and ale and a little lie20110619-041201.jpg down…but wait! Too much to do and see within a short weekend. First up a brisk walk to ‘Bark in the Park’…a doggy morning hosted by Stevie Jacobs (wee weather guy) where Shih Tzu rub shoulders with Alsatians…or rather take a keen interest in each other’s pants while attempting to wriggle out of their cute woolie jackets lovingly selected by doting owners, while others examine the obstacle course and weigh up the worth…treat for completing or dignity for not?

20110619-042631.jpgNext stop the High Street…top of Rundle actually…oozing hip boutiques and coffee houses, the evening will find the same street buzzing with Restaurant/bar trawlers. A dawdle down to the Mall…tacky shops, quick exit past interesting architecture unique to the region, Cathedrals and lush parkland surrounding lakes adorned with ducks and on to the Markets.

20110619-041130.jpgLargest in southern hemisphere, we absorb the hustle of fish mongers jostling with spruiking
butchers and organic vege growers, breathe the aroma of Chinese herbs mingling with hot roasted nuts, marvel at whole truffles nestled in waxy paper beds, glistening coffee beans, bags of black eyed peas and orange lentils, rich Haigh’s chocolate nests…a visual, sensory and cultural feast for the senses. Pixie yearns for the lush bunches of flowers that populated the French markets but quickly finds solace in a box of exquisite rosy blushed miniature pears.

An afternoon trawling pub cider on tap, Pixie’s fave, a pint of local for Elmo, Crocodile Thai nosh…tasty! and home to nurse those weary feet.

*Elmo Briatore Spiderfoot – Brettles – photographer extraordinaire





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